Artibus Innovation is overseen by a Board of Directors which sets and guides the strategic direction of the organisation. The Board ensures effective governance against the organisation’s contractual obligations both as a Skills Services Organisation and an industry workforce development expert.

Artibus Innovation’s services are guided and delivered under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer and its management team.


Paul Byrne

Paul Byrne

Paul is the inaugural Chair of Artibus Innovation.
He is well respected in the VET sector and has extensive experience in overseeing the development and review of national training products and services – both through his time as a General Manager and later CEO of the Australian National Training Authority, his chairmanship of Australian Training Products Limited and as Board member and interim CEO of the national Innovation and Business Industry Skills Council.

Paul has a deep knowledge of the national VET system and its evolution and an excellent understanding of the strategic, technical and stakeholder engagement challenges involved in developing training packages and associated national training products.

Nick McShane

Nick McShane

Nick has an excellent understanding of the licensing and regulatory implications for training package development and the need to ensure robust stakeholder engagement of industry regulators through his extensive work relating to licensing and regulation. He has been involved in a number of national projects that have sought to improve the interface between the national VET system and industry regulators – this included co-authoring the seminal report ‘A Licence to Skill’ for ANTA that resulted in a range of changes to how industry regulators were involved in training package review and development.

Nick has also been involved in a range of national projects that has provided him with a sound understanding of a range of industry sectors. This included advising a Council of Australian Government’s (COAG) Skills Recognition Steering Committee and Skills Recognition Taskforce on a major COAG initiative to achieve full and effective mutual recognition of occupational licenses. Nick has also advised the COAG National Licensing Steering Committee and National Licensing Taskforce on the establishment of a National Occupational Licensing System (NOLS). 

Tim Lane

Tim Lane

Tim has extensive experience in the financial services sector. He began his career with a major Hobart firm, worked with Ernst and Young in Eastern Europe and later became Head of Mergers and Acquisitions for Genesys Wealth Advisers. Tim joined Accru Hobart in 2008 and specialises in helping clients plan for the future with a focus on maximising business value. He consults on mergers and acquisitions, restructures and due diligence for a range of organisations. Tim specialises in the financial planning industry and helping practitioners with a wide range of issues related to their practices. Tim also advises on a wide range of business issues and strategies from valuations, sales and financing, to succession planning, minority equity investment models, transaction management and dispute resolution.

Georgie Cane

Georgie Cane

Georgie has over 30 years’ experience in senior management positions in large and smaller organisations and ran an effective and respected consultancy for more than 15 years.  For the last 20 years she has worked within the national VET sector helping to shape policy, drive industry engagement and develop high quality Training Package and related products. 

Georgie brings to the Board a detailed understanding of the techniques, issues and challenges in developing quality Training Package products that suit industry needs.


David Morgan

David Morgan, CEO

David is a highly qualified and skilled workforce development practitioner and has over twenty years experience working with industry on skill development issues across a wide array of sectors. He has a deep understanding of training package design, structure, development and implementation through his current role and former role leading an Industry Training Advisory Board (ITAB) and as a consultant to many Industry Skills Councils.

His business interests have pioneered technology use in education providing software that underpinned large scale public skill services such as Skilling Solutions Queensland, the Victorian Skill Store initiative and TradeSet – Trades Recognition Australia skills assessments of 457 migrants entering Australia.

Liz Perrot

Liz Perrot, Finance & HR Manager

Liz is a founding member of Artibus Innovation, having worked with the company since its inception in 2016. She has a background in business administration, finance, and quality assurance. Prior to her current role, she was Finance & HR Manager at The Work Lab for 12 years.

Wendy McLeod

Wendy McLeod, Operations Manager

Wendy is the operations manager of Artibus, having been with the company from its very beginning in February 2016. With a long history of service in the parliamentary sector supporting a Tasmanian Senator, she provides significant logistical and stakeholder management experience. She’s also a life member of the OHA Hockey Club.

Manuel Barragan

Manuel Barragan, Strategy & Policy Manager

Manuel joined the Artibus team early on, and has worked for the company for over 4 years. Focusing on stability and strategy, his education in human rights & administration of justice has proved a boon in business settings.

Jeremy Rose

Jeremy Rose, Industry Manager: Built Environment

Jeremy Rose is Industry Manager: Built Environment for Artibus Innovation, the Skills Service Organisation responsible for the development of the construction and property service training packages. Jeremy has 15 years’ experience in the Vocational Education and Training and industry workforce development sectors.