Artibus Innovation is a leading, respected skills & knowledge standards house with a national and global reach.  Our mission is to develop standards that reflect client requirements and support objective skill & knowledge development that enhances the performance of people and industry.

Founded in 2016 and based in Hobart (TAS), Artibus Innovation ('Artibus') is a leading B Corp Certified consultancy that works closely across different levels of government and in partnership with industry, stakeholders, and business to design and develop skills and workforce capability solutions.

Artibus was initially formed to establish one of six national Skills Service Organisations (SSOs) appointed by the Commonwealth of Australia to manage the national Vocational Education & Training (VET) training packages for the construction and property services industries.

We are a highly skilled and proficient team with expertise in regulatory and compliance regimes; vocational education and training (VET) policy and reform; and industry and regional workforce analysis and development. Combined, our expertise covers social, economic and regulatory research with stakeholder engagement, facilitation and project management. We have a demonstrated ability to provide professional services to any combination of industries and its sub-structures.

We are driven by evidence, and support our clients through research on skills needs, trends and industry issues and then develop proposals and business cases for review or development to meet those needs.  We design and implement industry consultation processes that reflect key stakeholder roles and ensure critical points of intervention.  We always aim to undertake open, inclusive and responsive industry-driven processes to translate need into Skills & Knowledge Standards Frameworks.

We have demonstrated expertise in the following areas:

  • Occupational mapping
  • Job scoping
  • Data lifecycle management
  • Regulatory influence
  • Industry currency
  • Technical writing
  • Performance and knowledge requirements
  • Assessment requirements
  • Occupational and vocational standards
  • Industry engagement
  • Governance

Code of Ethics


  1. Acting with Integrity, Honesty, and Respect
    a. we hold integrity and honesty as essential to acting ethically within the world, and a central pillar of our work
    b. we comply with all privacy and confidentiality requirements
    c. we treat everyone with courtesy and respect, and Artibus Innovation will not tolerate discrimination on any grounds, including but not limited to age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, politics, religion, race, or national origin.
  2. Working with Agility, Pragmatism, and Competence
    a. we act with flexibility, care and diligence
    b. we focus on the delivery of evidence-based outcomes
    c. our processes are transparent, with robust and defensible underpinning logics
    d. we are committed to ensuring the integrity of our information.
  3. Commitment to Sustainable Development Principles
    a. we hold that the principle of integrated societal, environmental, and economic value is essential to corporate good practice
    b. we seek to ensure that our business practices, processes, and outcomes do no harm and, wherever possible, are to the benefit of society
    c. we are committed to improving on and disclosing our performance on the 17 United Nations sustainable development goals (SDGs) to the extent possible within our scope of operations.